High Contrast Cards for babies

Set of 6 high contrast cards. Top card shows the image on the back of all the cards.

Baby fascinated bv the high contrast images.

data viz themed cards

During their early weeks of life babies are fascinated by high contrast images. They’ll also stare at lights and shadows during this period. It’s popular to have cards around in the early weeks with black and white images. It doesn’t really matter what they are images of, but that they have shapes and edges for the babies to look at while their visual system is developing. They’ll stare at them intently.

Parents, however, can enjoy what the images are. Some companies make cards with different geometric designs and others with animal designs. I thought it would be fun to create a set that are data-viz themed.

While these abstract charts don’t represent any real dataset, I did create plausible “good” charts. For example, the line chart shows three lines with some apparent seasonal trends, and one line has an increasing trend while the other two are more “steady-state”. In the contour plot there are two hilltops with a saddle between them. You could imagine that the bar chart is showing some metric, ordered by another metric, where there is some correlation (larger values tend towards the top). The scatterplot shows a general correlation between the x and y axis, with some clustering and a few outliers.

For this purpose, all the visualizations had to be ones that could be rendered in just black and while. So, I couldn’t include a heatmap, for example, because that would require varied hues or intensity. Many pie charts rely on color, but with just two categories it wasn’t necessary here.