Zan Armstrong

Visualizing Data for Analysis & Decision Making

As a data visualization specialist with a background in data analysis, I have been "putting the data in data visualization" since 2011. Throughout my work, I empower people to more effectively use visualization to better understand whatever data is most important to them. As a consultant, I offer data visualization advising and prototyping, with a focus on creating visualizations that drive effective analysis and decision-making.

As a Staff UX Engineer and Data Visualization Specialist on Google's Accelerated Science research team, I used data visualization to contribute to scientific discoveries in collaboration with scientists, ML researchers, and high-throughput computing software engineers, including research published in top-tier journal PNAS. My experience also includes developing data visualizations at the start-up Observable, creating interactive visualizations for researchers at Yale and Stanford, tracking covid in wastewater for Santa Clara county public health officials and the public, probono consuting with ACLU's data team, developing visualizations commissioned by the Dalai Lama and National Geographic, and informing the decisions made by senior executives as a data scientist at Google. My work has been published in Scientific American, and exhibited in the art museums SF Moma, Cooper Hewitt, and Ars Electronica. I have published data visualization research at IEEE InfoVis, and spoken at OpenVis Conf, Outlier, and SciPy conferences.